The long holiday is coming again between July to September 2019. For 82 days or so, your kids will not be in school. What is your plan for them?

Will you take your annual leave and take them to summer holiday abroad or  go to stay with grandma at the village. So what’s your plan?

I hope you are not thinking of a nanny, home teacher or planning to enrol them in a summer school or classes where they will go through another academic regime. That’ll not be fair on the kids. It’s holidays for Christ sake! Your kids need to wind down so they can get revigorated for the next academic session in September.

It’s time for them to have fun and learn new things. Especially these days where most school no longer have robust sports curriculum, some don’t even have enough space for playing ground or football pitch. This is the reason we are offering your kids 2019 Free Kick, football holiday training camp.

Of course, if you have this idea a father has for his son or daughter to be the next football superstar, then this training camp will be a foundation to stir up such unforgettable experience and interest in your child.

For two weeks or so, kids can stay away from Mom and Dad in the morning hours and work first hand on ball joggling and control, penalty shoot out, crosses, free kicks (set pieces); dribbling moves like leg over, shot at goal post, volley and flip backs (Shagalo),  passes and ball positioning… using English Football Association training manual for kids between 6 and 12years old Only.

Yeah, no genda discrimination; whether your kid is a boy or girl, it doesn’t make a difference at this stage. It is an all inclusive soccer fun and training camp.

The venue, Legacy Pitch at the Former National Stadium Surulere is a natural lush grass pitch, fenced round with barbwires and gate locked to intruders

The stadium is in the heart of Lagos and central to anyone driving from Island or other part of the mainland…230 km from Lekki Pennisula, 157km from Omole Estate and 167km from festac town.

Faster to arrive by using the Lagos BRT (Mass transit) buses from CMS or  from Ikorodu or Ojota to avoid rush hour traffic jam, because the BRT buses drive on delegated lane.

And from festac town to Orile down to the stadium are usually less congested this days. The Red buses ply this route too. Otherwise, drop your kids with your private car to ensure transit secruity.

*Time Schedule:
As an outdoor program, we have schedule the training camp during the August break – from July 31 to August 13 when the heavy rain has subsided.

*Qualified Coaches and Care Givers
The camp will be handled by qualified sports masters and coaches… There will also be well equiped first aid box for minor injuries, handled by a qualified sport nurse and care givers.

Believe me, it’ll be a well packaged funtime, an unforgettable experience for the kids, as they compete with their teams for laurels on the different skills they have learned.

Parents don’t  have to worry about secruity. Legacy pitch is well fenced and secured from unwanted intruders. No problem – secruity is guaranteed!

Parents will drop their kids by 7.30am in the morning and pick up latest in the afternoon by 1pm, that means your kids will come from home.

Please, register your interest that you want your kid(s) to attend the camp Click Here to Register

Registration Fee and Discounts
2019 Free kick football training camp  is very affordable compared to other kiddies summer football camps across the country.. for .just N20,000 (Twenty thousand Naira only) per child, It’s Worth It!

If you have more than two kids for the camp, then we can negotiate a little discount to support your effort.

Again, the first ten kids (the early birds) to pay registration fee, will enjoy 10% discount. So quickly, indicate your interest and pay as early as you can.

This training camp is organized by GreenHunters Sports International – a sport marketing and management consultancy in collaboration with the Management of Great Olympics football academy – one of the best academies in Nigeria.Feel free to contact us.

For Further Inquiries, CALL OR WHATSAPP: 08098772556